Australia Day 5 & 6

I missed a day!!! But I'll try to make it up with a ton of photos! Cairns started off great! I got to play with some amazing musicians at Music City Cairns, with Matt Dahlberg joining the fun. Had a great night of partying at Luke Walker's (best host ever!) house where he cooked up some amazing lamb and partook in some great Australian rum. Too bad we had a couple radio interviews at 8 in the morning... argh. We joined the crew at SeaFM and ABC radio this morning and it was a blast! Victoria Vox entered the country later this afternoon and we proceeded with grocery shopping, cod eating, gelato licking, kangaroo seeing, wine/beer drinking and of course a lot of music making :)  Lorenzo also joined us for dinner and it was a blast playing music with him. I got to make some steaks and my shoyu chicken for everyone, it seemed like it was a hit! With a early morning photo shoot with the mayor tomorrow Ineed to get some rest. Havanas Cafe kick off party tomorrow night at 6:30!