Australia Day 7

Friday - Green Island Adventures. An island resort an hour off the coast with beautiful beaches and other attractions. I get to play music and teach there. Sounds great right?! And then I was rudely reminded 15 minutes into the boat ride that I can get somewhat sea sick when the water gets bad. Matt helped me out a lot giving me tips throughout the ride to minimize the sickness but it was just a really choppy ride over. Luckily I had about an hour and a half to gather my self before I played a set. Ended having a great set with specials guests tom, victoria, matt and larenzo. The workshop went really well too! Ran into a little issues with time but everyone seemed to have gotten something out of it and had just the best comments after. This will be a short post because I have to get ready for another workshop and the record attempt at most uke players in one place! I will fill in all the details this weekend. Much love <3