Australia Day 9 (big performance day)

The time has finally come. I was extremely nervous playing with a group that I haven't had a chance to practice with but working with Will and Jonathan was so easy and fun. Even though I wish we had a bit more time to rehearse (beyond the 15minute sound check), I thought we pulled it off pretty well! I was so honored to not only play with Will and Jon, but also Brittany Paiva, Matt Dahlberg, Ryo Montgomery, Tiffany Smith and Tom Jackson! It was a very high energy set and everyone seemedto be dancing in their seat. If I return next year, I'll ask if we can clear the seats so people can dance :) The crowd was AWESOME! I also was lucky enough to play with Daniel Ho, Victoria Vox and the Hollywaiians during their respective sets... was a FUN night... I'll have a write up about my whole experience soon, here are some photos!