See you on the flip side Australia!

Cairns Australia Ukulele Festival was a blast. Here are a few things I did this trip:

  1. Tried kangaroo (was much more tender than I thought it would be!)
  2. Learned Australia pies > American pies
  3. Learned I'm bad with coins (I had over $48 in Australian coins by the first week... those dang $2 coins!)
  4. Learned I'm still addicted to coffee
  5. Was mistaken for Daniel Ho only once
  6. Cried a little inside when Daniel Ho admitted he was asleep at the hotel during my set
  7. Was asked if I was the Jumping Fea performing with Matt Dahlberg
  8. Learned I still get sea sick
  9. Was happy to hear people wanted to dance to my music even on this side of the world :)
  10. Learned that Tooheys is Australian for beer
  11. Learned Australia makes some pretty good rum
  12. Was reminded how amazing the ukulele is at bringing people together
  13. Learned that are blessings everywhere you look, as long as you keep an open mind

With a long black in hand, I'm now headed to the airport... SYD to SFO to EUG. So much work to be done (mainly finishing our album!), but I was definitely rejuvenated and inspired by this trip. Thank you!

don't forget, photos can all be found here: