Milwaukee Ukulele Festival and Physical CDs

I was very fortunately to be invited to teach and perform at the Milwaukee Ukulele Festival a week ago and it was truly a great experience. There were amazing attendees who were eager to learn (this had to be the largest workshop I've taught in one sitting) and a huge cast of performers. It was really fun to see how differently the performers used their ukuleles. I am excited to see how musicians push the instrument in ways I could have never fathomed growing up in Hawai'i. Huge thanks for Lil' Rev, for the invitation and my gracious hosts for putting me up for the weekend. A much needed thanks to everyone who attended and welcomed me with open arms. It was so cool to have people looking out for the UPS truck for me... speaking of which...

Tada!!! The album was completed the day before the festival so I had a small shipment overnighted to the festival itself. I am blown away by the response and I'm still getting emails from people who have been listening to the album since the show. Thank you guys so much!!! It was a wonderful feeling to have this album out for people. I already have big plans in the works for the next one, I'll be sure to keep you all updated.

Here are some photos I took from the fest, I wasn't able to get as many shots in this time but I still hope you enjoy them!

Much love and aloha,