Eugene Uketoberfest and more!

Woohoo! What an amazing ukefest... I think it was 4 (or 5?) years ago when I was invited by Brook Adams to to perform at the local Uketoberfest. It was my very first ukulele festival and was the start of many more to come. Looking back, I'm so proud of how much the festival evolved and of how much I changed as a performer and musician. We had an amazing amount of performers this year including the Hapa Hillbillies, Victoria Vox, Mandalin May, Kate & Steve Einhorn, Ralph Shaw, the Refreshments, the Canote Brothers, and a last minute addition: Aldrine Guerrero. We caught Aldrine with Ryan and Aaron on their NW tour promoting If you haven't checked out their website yet, please do. There is an enormous amount of videos with tutorials, reviews, performances and a global gathering of members actively involved in the forums. I was featured in this months Uke Minutes (a little teaser lesson) and will be working with the UU crew shortly. I am extremely excited and proud to be involved in teaching with them! In other news, our CD release party is coming up on December 3rd at Luckeys, I can't wait to start really pushing the album. You can find a digital version at and soon to be iTunes. I will be updating a bunch of new ... er... news soon! I leave you with some photos from the Uketoberfest!