Olympic Trials

A few days ago, I had the honor of playing at the Olympic Trials here in Eugene, Oregon. It was absolutely stunning. As you can see below, the stage was HUGE! We had the usual line up (Theo Halpert, Sean Ponder, Milo Fultz) with the addition of Almond Davis and Paul Biondi. Paired with the amazing sound crew, we have never sounded better. I've never been so comfortable on stage before, mainly due to being able to hear every little detail of our sound and being to still create great dynamics with the overwhelming amount of speakers we were playing through. I had a lot of great comments and hope that the entertainment crew asks us back for more events throughout the year!

I'll be writing a few posts this week as I get ready to head back to Cairns, Australia! I sat through 7 interviews over the phone yesterday from radio stations based in Australia and had an absolute blast. Talking more about it definitely made me realize how much I'm looking forward to returning!

Off to work I go, hope you all have a spectacular Monday!