Cairns Ukulele Festival Day 0


I am sitting here in the LAX airport waiting for my flight to Sydney. I remember last year how excited I was heading to Cairns for the first time and as hard as it is to believe, I think I'm even more excited this year to be returning. It's almost like returning home to see family. That's one of the biggest differences about this festival. With many events during the week leading up to the weekend of concerts, one is able to meet and have more time to interact with other festival goers. When talking to groups of people last year, a common story was that they just met during the festival and ended up spending the week together. Absolutely amazing. I told myself last year that if I was to return, I would want to be involved even more, to get a chance to spend more time with attendees... My wish came true and Gaby (the amazing festival director) has given me a chance to be much more involved and I will be giving it my all to help live up to and exceed the growing expectations of this festival. As the ukulele continues to gain momentum, the Cairns Ukulele Festival will continue to grow and stand out as one of the greatest ukulele festivals in the world, especially when paired with the amazing crew that put it on. For me, it will forever be a home away from home.

Like last year, I will be trying to do a daily blog and will be taking a ton of photos! Don't forget to check out my youtube channel, or listen to my album on iTunes or spotify. Here is a link to a blog that shows a quick sticker we made for the festival! They were a great company to order stickers from , will do so again soon! A preview of our new sticker!