Cairns Ukulele Festival Day 4 + 5


Wow the days are flying way too fast! So the past two days were filled with boat rides, bus tours, both filled with mini concerts and the official opening to the Cairns Ukefest! There is way too many things going on to write out in detail at this time (I need to wake up early to teach a workshop), but I will say that everyone seems to having an amazing time. Performers included! There is such a strong bond between the performers and I believe are having as just as much if not more fun than the attendees! Am many of last years attendees know, I got really sea sick on the boat out to Green Island and history repeated itself... at least for the first part of the boat ride. But it was worth getting out to Low Isles, it was stunning. Ukuleles filled the Quick Silver ship inside and out and despite the cold weather, everyones' joy kept us warm and kept us playing. Derrick Sebastian and Monitoba Hal brought the crowd to their feet. It was a great start to the concerts and I only wish more people could have experienced it. After taking the most of the night to recover from the sea almost 100 of us boarded a double decker bus to go sight seeing and jam along the way. Despite the wind on the top it was a really neat experience to go around Cairns and take in all the beauty it had to offer. The stand out moment for me was watching Fulare_pad perform for the first time. Brilliant... so much fun and so much energy. I really look forward to their 2nd concert at the Tanks on Sunday! While this was going on we had other uke stars hosting workshops and had the showcase of Australian ukulele masters. There's so much happening!!! We are making use of every single hour of the day and I am so excited to be including a ton of local and international performers in my set tomorrow after the world record attempt...

I will leave you with photos tonight and will promise to write up more detail about the many events that happened and will happen. We have a HUGE day tomorrow with the record attempt and the start of the full length concerts. It's so hard to keep some some of the surprises under wraps... I hope to video my set for you to experience them first hand! Good night, wish us luck!