Cairns ukulele festival day 6

Wow. What a day. First off, I finally got a chance to sleep in a little, and it felt wonderful. I did feel my throat tightening up a little what can one expect with so many activities in one week. I got to the Hilton (where numerous events were taking place) to teach my workshop and was amazed by how prepared my students were. Everyone had so much energy and we got through a ton of material. Though with all workshops without a PA, I could feel my voice starting to strain. Trying to talk over a bunch of uke players can be a tricky thing and I got caught up with everything and wasn't watching how loud I was talking. Not only that, but paired with going 30 min long, I knew after that I was in trouble...

Putting that aside for now, we all headed over to Fogerty Park where the world record attempt for largest ukulele ensemble was taking place... Last year we about 40 people short of the record and we were determined to break it this year. Unfortunately the record almost doubled from last year... we now needed over 1600 uke players to break the record. The official number was 1395. An amazing number and we were extremely proud to get so close to the record. It was a great time at the park... even though it started to rain everyone stayed up beat. Matt Dahlberg had a great set after the attempt and it was great to see how much he has grown over the past few years as a musician. I joined matt for a few songs then it was off to the Jack where I would be doing a set with local and international performers... I will go into more detail later as I'm currently getting ready for the last day of the festival at the Tanks Arts Center but it was just awesome. The level of musicianship, the excitement of the crowd.. I ended up losing my voice mid set but pushed through... it ended up being a very emotional set for me. It was definitely one of my favorite times ever to be playing on stage. Ryo Montgomery, John (I can't spell or pronounce his last name, will look it up later!) and Paul Hemmings... just amazing. I also brought up Monitoba Hal, Derick Sebastion, Matt D, Tom Jackson, and furai_pad. Photos for now, more details soon.