Cairns Ukefest 2013 - Day 1


Day 1


I did not expect to have such a hectic first day! It started off with getting an email 5 hours before my flight from Eugene to San Francisco that my flight was canceled. I then was told to rush to the airport to make an earlier connecting flight. I was then told that flight was also cancelled. From there it just got worse. 


-Was put on another carrier to Portland to try and make the SanFran to Sydney flight. 

-Was booted off two of those flights 

-Managed to get to SanFran, ran to next gate, agent there laughed saying I was just a few seconds late as he just closed the door

-Was told to wait in line for customer service which ended up being a 2 hour wait (by this time it was about 1am, I started the adventure at 1pm)

-Was told all hotels were booked

-Was also informed that they weren't sure what happened to my bags

-My heart dies a little

-Am reminded of last year where my bags fell off the face of the Earth for 4 days. 

-Stay up all night in vacant airport

-Rebook my flights (Jetstar was happy to charge another $300 to change my flight from Sydney to Cairns)

-Head up to the United Club Room where I will spend the next 15 hours hopefully sleeping before my flight to Sydney is ready


That is where I am at right now :)

15 hour wait, 15 hour flight, 3 hour layover, 3 hour flight, 2 hours of rest and then off to perform at the opening night of the Cairns Ukefest! 


All in all, I'm staying very positive. I have a huge grin knowing I'm so close to seeing some of the most amazing people in the world. I think the biggest thing I got from this situation is how much has changed at United (and maybe other airlines? I've mainly traveled with United my whole life). Back in the day I remember how incredible the stewards and stewardess were. They knew each passenger who had a close connecting flight and relayed not only the gate number they needed to run to but gave directions how to get there and called ahead to that gate knowing they were on the way. They'd also make sure everyone who wasn't in a rush let them through. Last night, the response I got when I asked the stewardess to check on the flight status of my connecting flight (it was going to be super close) she scoffed and said someone should have worked with me on that already and walked off. After sprinting to the gate, the agent there laughed and said if I was 5 seconds earlier I would have made it but he just closed the door. My heart just sank. 


Just a little disappointed. But regardless! If everything stays on track, I'll still make it for the first performance and everything will be groovy! "Here I am, with a smile on my face!"