Florida, Hawai'i and beyond!

Sarah and I spent the last few weeks touring Florida and doing a bunch of fun stuff in Hawai'i!

It was great to see everyone in Tampa and Ft Lauderdale again! Special thank you Nancy Blauers, Greg Piecora (of WhopHops fame!), Jennifer Lane, Roni Lynn, Corrina Louie, Ty Olopai, Mapuana, TBUS, and the F.U.N Strummers for being such a big part of our incredible tour. It was actually very ironic that we escaped the heat wave in San Diego to the freezing cold snap in Florida... who would have thought? 

We then jetted off to Hawai'i to record with HiSessions and Pakele Live. We had the honor of having Aldrine Guerrero and Kalei Gamiao sit in with us! Two of the best 'ukulele players in the world. 

Sarah and I are back home in San Diego for a few days before leaving yet again. This time to the Vancouver Ukefest and then straight to the Sunshine Coast Ukefest in Australia!

The Kickstarter is doing great, definitely check it out if you haven't already, just 19 days left! Once we get back from the traveling we'll be home for a week to finish tracking the new album and then we head to Japan... woohoo!