The most amazing February and March!

Sarah and I have had the most amazing time the past few months! Hot off our Florida tour and visit to Hawai‘i (for a HiSessions and Pakele Live performance), we jetted off to the Vancouver ‘Ukulele Festival then straight to the Sunshine Coast ‘Ukulele Festival in Australia! We got to see many of our friends at these two festivals including Victoria Vox, Aaron and Nicole Keim, Ralph Shaw, Thom and Mike Jackson and many attendees that we've had the chance to meet at other festivals! The Vancouver festival was filled with many ‘ukulele players eager to learn more. I loved their enthusiasm and the intimate concert Sarah and I had after the festival was a very memorable time. 

The Sunshine Coast ‘Ukulele Festival was such a unique festival! There were hundreds of attendees who brought all sorts of campers and tents. It was a weekend (or a week for those who came early!) full of a ton of music and was located in such a beautiful area outside the reach of city lights and cel reception. Sarah and I were very proud to be a part of their second festival and look forward to watching it grow! 

After a few days back at home we then geared up to head to Tokyo! We met up with great friends, Fulare_Pad, Ryo Natoyama and Tomoki Sato! We had a great show together at Back in Town! All of us have met at different festivals before including the Cairns ‘‘Ukulele festival and the ‘‘Ukulele Festival of Great Britain. Special thank you to Fumiko and Takehiko for showing us such a wonderful time in Japan, we can't wait to be back!

Sarah and I finally had a few weeks to work on the new album! We took a break yesterday to head up to the Santa Monica ‘Ukulele festival which was also a benefit to help fundraise for the Santa Monica High School music program. A few of the acts (including Sarah and I) were able to do a song with their orchestra and hopefully we'll have some video of that to share soon! We got to hang out with more wonderful friends including Heidi Swedberg and Daniel Ward, Abe Lagrimas Jr, Ben Ahn and more! You'll see some familiar faces in the photos below, including Moses all the way from DC! 

We now have a solid month to finish the new album and prep for our upcoming UK tour. Thank you to everyone who helped make our kickstarter campaign such a great success! We can't believe we hit our goal in 5 days! Looking forward to finishing this album up to share with you all soon! 



Photo Favorites from the past few months below. Full albums can be found at