Festivals, Weddings and New 'Ukuleles!

Wow what a whirlwind this year has been! After the Bend 'Ukulele University, Sarah and I popped over in Oakridge for their new and improved festival! We got to see some familiar faces and new ones. I was very happy to finally spend some time with Neal Chin who is now based in Eugene, Oregon. A really great guy and fantastic player. This is my second time in Oakridge and with the new leadership, there are many great things that have been improved upon! Looking forward to watching this one grow!

After Oregon, Sarah and I jetted off to the East where we stopped by the great Steel City 'Ukuleles in Pittsburgh! They have such a fun and active group, we can't wait to be back! Then we headed to Reston to revisit the Northern Virginia 'Ukulele Society. We really excited to see where this group goes. They are starting to perform out a lot more and many are really wanting to push themselves musically. Many great singers as well! 

We then headed up to Rhode Island for a intimate workshop/concert and it was gorgeous! It was our first time in the area and we wish we had a few days off just to explore... next time for sure!

We capped off the tour with the New Jersey 'Ukulele Festival. What a fun event! We joined Lil' Rev, Jim and Liz Beloff, Steve Boisen and Christine DeLeon for an incredibly fun weekend that was packed full of workshops and concerts. There were many attendees who were so thirsty for more 'ukulele instruction and we can't wait to get back to teach more! It had a great turnout and we are certain this festival will be another great festival to keep an eye on as they expand and grow! 

Photos from the East Coast Trip can be found here: East Coast Tour Photos

As soon as our tour ended we headed to Hawai'i where ... we got married! With storms surrounding the islands, it was humid and rainy all week before the wedding. But during the actual wedding, not one drop fell from the sky! It was incredible. Very hot and humid but it beat being rained out! We were honored to some of our favorite musicians in the whole world join us such as Bryan Tolentino, Chris Kamaka, Halehaku Saebury, Herb Ohta Jr, Del Beazley, Kalei Gamiao, Benny Chong, Byron Yasui... thank you for making it such a memorable moment for Sarah and I! Sarah and I were also surprised with our new custom Kanile'a 'Ukuleles!!! I have some photos and our first video of them below. They were created specifically for the new sound that Sarah and I have... we hope you enjoy them as much as we do!