‘Ukulele Cruise 2020 UPDATE

Craig & Sarah will be expecting a new addition to their family in 2020, and thus will not be doing a Cruise.

Though we will not have an ‘Ukulele Cruise in 2020, please keep your eyes peeled for our special announcement regarding our LAND event in San Diego 2020. To be the FIRST to learn about that event, please sign up for our mailing list. Once tickets for that go live, we will have it linked to the Craig & Sarah Events Page!

This San Diego ‘Ukulele Retreat will take the best parts of the cruise and put them on solid ground, in our own hometown - San Diego, CA! It will be limited to 40 players and geared toward Advanced Beginners/Intermediate Players. More information to come…

Craig & Sarah ‘Ukulele Cruise 2019

2019 - Uke Cruise to Mexico - Group Photo!

2019 - Uke Cruise to Mexico - Group Photo!

Thank you to everyone who joined us for our 6th annual ‘Ukulele Cruise!



Our 2019, 10 Day Cruise to Mexico was a huge hit! We had one of our best groups yet, and we can’t wait to do more future cruising! A HUGE thank you to our sponsors - The ‘Ukulele Site, Kanile’a ‘Ukulele, Ohana ‘Ukulele, GHS Strings, Fusion Bags, and Hale ‘Ukulele. As always - thank you to our special guest teachers, Milo Fultz & Kalei Gamiao.

Until Next time….

Guest Instructors from 2019

Milo Fultz Will be teaching 'Ukulele Bass classes on board, Sponsored by Ohana 'Ukulele!

Milo Fultz Will be teaching 'Ukulele Bass classes on board, Sponsored by Ohana 'Ukulele!

Milo Fultz

With an insatiable urge to explore new and old sounds, Milo Fultz strives to work with as many styles and personalities as he can handle. From big bands and small jazz ensembles to pit orchestras and classical ensembles, blues, rock, funk, and soul groups to singer/songwriters, ukulele bands, and melodica duos, he finds joy in the variety and loves sharing every minute of it. Milo has performed all across North America, including the St. Johns Blues Festival in the Virgin Islands, the Montreal Jazz Festival, and the International Blues Competition in Tennessee. He also is an active teacher, maintaining a private studio where he teaches upright and electric bass and tutors general music theory and ear training, and collaborates with schools to assist students and give lessons. Milo is a very familiar face to ‘Ukulele cruise, as this is his 4th time joining Craig Chee & Sarah Maisel. He will be teaching ‘Ukulele Bass and jamming with every player on board!


Kalei Gamiao joined us on board!

Kalei Gamiao joined us on board!

Kalei Gamiao

With 3 completed nominated albums to his name Kalei Gamiao been at the forefront of today’s ukulele revolution since 2008 when his debut album, “Contemporary Ukulele,” kicked up the demand for performances in the U.S market. After the release of his second album entitled “Redefined” in 2012 a greater demand for more of his music and performances exposed Kalei to hundreds of thousands of ukulele enthusiasts from around the world as he continues to tour countries such as Thailand, Japan, Taiwan, Philippines, Korea, China, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore and the U.S mainland. When his third album “Merry Ukulele Christmas” released in 2013 as a seasonal project it propelled and broadened Kalei’s repertoire to new levels as many web and social media sites provide instant access for his fans to stay connected to his music and the explosive world-wide popularity of the ukulele. With the release of his 4th latest album “These Moments” in 2016 he has already traveled and performed in different parts of the world to share his passion for music.

As a true ukulele virtuoso he sums it up by saying… “My ukulele expresses every word and emotion. I love to create and share my musical journeys for everyone to enjoy”.


Don't forget to check periodically for updates- we will have some very special announcements coming up!

Feel Free to look through our pictures from our 2018 Alaska ‘Ukulele Cruise All photos by Craig Chee.