2017 'Ukulele Cruise Schedule

Our Group will be split into two- to keep the class sizes at 35 (MAX) per class. We will assign the groups the first night on board. 

The teachers will switch rooms, and the students will stay in their assigned room. This saves time and gives folks more availability for bathroom breaks. Each class is one hour, unless otherwise notated. 

There will be a performance on the final Sea Day- it is not required, but we do love it when everyone participates. There will be a short instructor performance, followed by Hula, and then our group song as the FINALE! This performance is for the ENTIRE ship in the Piazza. Please invite anyone you meet to watch you perform. Craig will be filming the performance and send you a PRIVATE link after the cruise is over.

Every "Open Mic/Jam" begins with an open mic that lasts aprox 45 minutes. A Jam (sometimes themed) will follow. If the Jam has a theme, please feel free to dress accordingly. We will hand out prizes for those with the best costumes.  We also ask that folks create a Buddy System for the Jams- if you are more Advanced, please partner up with a Beginner to help them. Feel free to have a new buddy each evening.

Please click on the schedule to see a larger image.