Rules and Regulations for The ‘Ukulele Site Craig & Sarah Uke Cruise Give-Away!


  • No pre-booking necessary to win.  

  • Submissions period is October 25 - November 19.  Videos are submitted according to the “How to Enter” description. 

  • The 5 Top Voted Videos will be the Prize Winners. The Grand Prize will be chosen from the top 5, November 25.

  • Notification will be November 26  Winners will be contacted via e-mail. There will be 4 prize winners and 1 grand prize winner (5 winners total).


  • Must have some familiarity with the ‘ukulele – knowing at least C, F, G7, and Am chords.

  • There is no age limit to the prizes EXCEPT the Grand Prize. Grand Prize winner must be 21 and older.


  • Must be submitted in one of the formats that YouTube accepts. Any other formats submitted and/or exceed the time limit will be disqualified.

  • Talk about yourself, why you play the Uke, and why you would like to be on board with Craig & Sarah's 'Ukulele Cruise.

  • Video length may not exceed 3 minutes (run time). 

  • May not contain material that is inappropriate, indecent, obscene, hateful, defamatory, slanderous, or libelous. 




  • Grand Prize is a $2,000 CREDIT toward the 2019 Craig & Sarah 'Ukulele Cruise. Cruise credit does not go toward future cruises.

  • Grand Prize is NON TRANSFERABLE to another person.

  • Grand Prize Winner must be 21 and older, due to the rules and regulations of Princess Cruises rooming policy.

  • Due to travel laws winners are only eligible if they are from North America.

  • Bookings must be with through the Uke Cruise booking agent, Chris Merkel, to use your Cruise Credit.

  • BASE PRICE for Interior Cabin is around $1,376 (Uke Fee and Tax included). Outside Cabin pricing start around $1,536 (Uke Fee & Tax included). Balcony prices vary, please refer to Chris Merkel ( for more details. Price is for DOUBLE OCCUPANCY - if you wish to have a single room by yourself, the BASE PRICE for an Interior Cabin will be around $2,752 and the Outside Cabin will be around $3072. You are responsible for any fees incurred over the $2000 Credit.

  • Cruise Credit will be given directly to the Uke Cruise Booking Agent (Chris Merkel) upon Prize Notification. The winner will be put in contact with Chris Merkel by November 27th.

  • The $2,000 credit is for Cruise credit only and does not include flights.

  • Getting to and from the Port of San Francisco is not included in the Grand Prize.

  • An up to date Passport is REQUIRED in order to board. Make sure you have a valid passport before submitting.


  • Islander by Kanile’a comes with a semi-hard case.

  • Ohana ‘Ukulele comes with a gig bag.

  • ArtistWorks 3 Month Subscription will be received through ArtistWorks.

  • Gift Card will come to winner directly from The ‘Ukulele Site.