Welcome to our Kickstarter subpage for our first fully produced album together, Scene 1 - Take 1!

To contribute to this project, please visit official KickStarter page here: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/881009200/scene-1-take-1-craig-chee-and-sarah-maisel

We will be posting updates to our Kickstarter here and most importantly showcasing some of the design options for some of the REWARDS listed on our KickStarter (including Straps, Aloha Shirts, Tote Bags and more!). Many of these designs are very limited so we'll make sure to mark which ones are sold out ASAP. 

*We will contact you via the Kickstarter message system after you select a reward from the Kickstarter page to confirm your design selection! 


  1. Plate designs will be updated with photos of actual plates when they arrive soon! - Feb 8
  2. After 5 hours of going live with the project, we have run out of the Strap Rewards and Aloha Shirt Rewards! With such interest in them, we've decided to do another round for those of you who didn't get a chance at them. As each one is hand made by Sarah, we've decided to increase the price of the strap and shirt rewards to help ensure we can get all of them finished and sent as soon as the kickstarter concludes as well as to thank the people who jumped on those rewards early. If these round 2 rewards sell out we will repeat the process with price bump so please don't wait to ensure the cheapest price. Thank you all for your support and for helping share the project! - Feb 8
  3. Round 2 of Strap and Aloha Shirt Rewards just went live! - Feb 8
  4. Plates just came in! Photos have been updated. Feb 10