Craig Chee Band (Physical CD)

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Craig Chee Band (Physical CD)


Craig Chee Band (2011)

Craig's first studio recording with other local Eugene artists including Sean Ponder, Joey Hepner, Theo Halpert and Seth Mulvihill.

A fusion of rock, funk and pop in the first chapter of Craig's musical career.

All songs written by Craig Chee.

Produced by David Michael Frank

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Vocals: Craig Chee, Joey Hepner

Ukulele: Craig Chee
Guitar: Sean Ponder
Bass: Joey Hepner
Drums: Theo Halpert
Featured Guests: 
Almond Davis (Keyboard; I Can't Help, All I See, Night to Remember, Untitled 47, Elephants; recorded at BCD Studio) 
Jeremy Pruitt (Vocals; Night to Remember) 
Zak Johnson (Bass; Hard Fall) 
Tim McLauglin and Matt Calkins (Trumpet and Sax; 3AM, Night to Remember, Elephants) 

Recorded at: 
Gung Ho Studios (
The Number Station (
DMF Music (

Engineered by Mo Talaba (
Produced by David Michael Frank (
Mastered by Chris Hanzsek (

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