Life in the Key of Chee (Physical CD)

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Life in the Key of Chee (Physical CD)


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life in the key of chee (2013)

The newest album by Craig Chee. Craig enlisted the help of his friends and other great ukulele players around the world such as Aldrine Guerrero, Sarah Maisel, Ryan Imamura, Ryo Montgomery and Kahiwa Sebire to create life in the key of chee

Produced by Tyler Fortier who wanted to help share Craig's unique approach to the ukulele. A blend of pop and island music with the ukulele as the starring instrument. The album is meant to leave you with a smile on your face and a new soft spot in your heart. 


Produced by: Tyler Fortier
Engineered & Mixed by: Tyler Fortier
Mastered by: Thaddeus Moore, Liquid Mastering

Craig Chee - Vocals, Ukulele, Writer
Milo Fultz - Bass
Tyler Fortier - Acoustic, Resonator, 
Electric Guitar, Shaker, Tambourine
Merlin Showalter - Drums, Percussion
Erik Berg-Johansen - Violin, Mandolin
Erin Flood Fortier - Vocals
Lyndsay Forsyth - Vocals

Aldrine Guerrero - Ukulele (Guilt) 
Ryo Montgomery - Guitar (Last Song) 
Ryan Imamura - Ukulele (Last Song) 
Sarah Maisel - Ukulele (Lips) 
Kahiwa Sebire - Vocals, Ukulele, Writer (Red Love) 
Shannon DeCourcey - Writer (Red Love) 
Aaron Nakamura - Writer (Midnight Dreams) 

Ukuleles by DaSilva Ukuleles and Mya-Moe Ukuleles

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